Ladies Outing 2008
This year the ladies returned to the Xanadu Golf Resort, Belek, Turkey.


The Happy Band celebrated the prize-giving.


Day one and the ladies relax before the golf starts tomorrow

The beautiful Xanadu Pool

There's more than one way to prepare for tomorrow's golf

Ruby, Joan, Eileen and Linda ready for the off at the Nobilus and eventually win today's team event.

Fiona, Eileen, Jane and Jaci were runners-up at the Nobilus

Relaxing back at the Xanadu

Carole and Linda by the Pool

Ready for the off at Sueno Dunes

Diane was to take the overnight lead after today's round thanks to a gutsy long range 2nd shot at the 18th which cleared the water to hit the back of the green.

Careful Jane don't get too close

Not sure who's playing through here.

Back at the hotel, yep they're still up were they belong Pat

Time for a snooze

Armed and dangerous

Bit of a traffic Jam.

The Island green at the National

Diane discards the overnight leader jacket but was to retain it into the final round.

Wimmin Drivers !!

More relaxing at the Hotel

Diane arrives for the final round at the Kaya
sporting the Leaders Jacket.

Going off in points order the second string get ready.

And the top four prepare for the Kaya

Diane collects her runner-up prize having done just enough to ensure she does have to arrange next year's holiday

Eileen wins the Stableford comp

Pat Collects her prize

Linda takes the Stableford Runner up

Last years winner hands over to this year's
And she's promised to help with the organizing.

And the organizer also got a prize. For a job well done

The winners and runners up



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