Joyce if youre up there listening

And Im almost sure that you can

Though youre not with us today

Wed just like to say

Happy memories of you will live on!


From the young girl who long ago joined us

When at golf you were just a beginner

Through the good golfing years

To the pinnacle of your career

The Aberfeldy Overall Winner!


It was always a pleasure to play with you

Of that there is no denying

But when the golf was quite dire

Or the course was a mire

Beware of the clubs that went flying!


With Myra youd plan Ladies Opens

With the wee yellow book for that year

Though the plan seemed alright

You had to do it again the next night

Having been sidetracked with the wine and the beer!


On our bus trips to outings or Grangemouth

The singsong coming back was just fine

But from you came no sound

Cos youd usually be found

At the back with Drambuie or wine!

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