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Weekend Medal 4th / 5th July

Weekend Medal

Members  club Fees must be paid before being eligible to enter the Medal Competition !

Please ensure you are familiar with the correct procedure for completion of scorecard. An example is displayed in the window of the members lounge. Also displayed are current lists for members handicaps.

Scorecards will be given out by the starter when you indicate that you are entering the medal. There is no sweep!

Bunkers. You are permitted to take a preferred lie. You may replace the ball within 6 inches of where it lies however it must not be nearer to the hole nor may you smooth the sand before replacing the ball

The flagpole should not be removed before putting nor may you take a ‘gimme’ all balls must be putted out.

This our first competition of the season and there will be difficulties as procedures have changed greatly in the present medical crisis. Any further information, if not available on the club website, then please consult with a committee member

Scottish Golf Guidelines for qualifying competitions

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