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2021 Gents Competition Winners

Full results

March Medal Ian Hume March Medal Result
Thursday Medal (01/04/21) Paul Mackay Thursday Medal Result
April Medal Norman Breeze April Medal Result
Thursday Stableford (08/04/21) Mitch Storey Thursday Stableford Result
Rab Binnie Greensomes Andrew McArthur & Graham Chapman Rab Binnie Greensomes Result
Thursday Medal (15/04/21) George Muir Thursday Medal Result
JB Roache Trophy Mark Hunter JB Roache Trophy Result
Thursday Stableford (22/04/21) Paul Mackay Thursday Stableford Result
Salvesen Shield (Hcp) Michael Wright Salvesen Shield (Hcp) Result
Salvesen Shield (Scr) Duncan Ireland Salvesen Shield (Scr) Result
Thursday Stableford (29/04/21) Andrew Gibbs Thursday Stableford Result
May Medal Andrew McArthur May Medal Result
Mackie Cup (Scratch) Scott Cross Mackie Cup Scratch Result
Mackie Cup (Handicap) Kenny Saunders Mackie Cup Handicap Result
Thursday Medal (6/05/21) Paul Mackay Thursday Medal Result
Currie Cup Ryan Park Currie Cup Result
Thursday Stableford (130521) Gary Reilly Thursday Stableford Result
Optional Medal (150521) Gary Reilly Optional Medal Result
John Batton Pairs Duncan Ireland & Bren Ford John Batton Pairs Result
Thursday Medal (20/05/21) Gregor Forbes Thursday Medal Result
Faither Simpson Trophy Stuart Mathie & Kieran McFarlane Faither Simpson Trophy Result
Thursday Stableford (270521) Paul Pearson Thursday Stableford Result
Spence Bowl Paul Pearson Spence Bowl Result
Findlay Cup Round 1 Stevie Whyte Findlay Cup Round 1 Result
Findlay Cup Round 2 Richard Brown Findlay Cup Round 2 Result
Findlay Cup Round 3 Scott Cross Findlay Cup Round 3
Findlay Cup Round 4
June Medal Kevin Mackie Jnr June Medal Result
Thursday Stableford (100621) Robert Milligan Thursday Stableford Result
The Quaich (Scratch) Alan Thompson The Quaich Result (Scr)
The Quaich (Handicap) Phil McLennan The Quaich Result (Hcp)
Optional Medal (190621) Gary Breheny Optional Medal Result
McLean Cup (Scr) Thomas Burnett McLean Cup Result (Scr)
McLean Cup (Hcp) Douglas Roberts McLean Cup Result (Hcp)
Thursday Stableford (240621) Paul Smith Thursday Stableford Result
Thursday Medal (010721) Martin McKenzie Thursday Medal Result
July Medal Martin McKenzie July Medal Result
Optional Medal (100721) Duncan Ireland Optional Medal Result
Thursday Stableford (150721) George Muir Thursday Stableford Result
Persevere Trophy John Selcraig Persevere Trophy Result
Thursday Medal (220721) Richard Brown Thursday Medal Result

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